Emergency Response

When a spill or other emergency arises at an industrial complex or in a mode of transportation, experience and timeliness of response are paramount to most other considerations. Typically, being quick to respond and knowledge of successful response techniques reduces the immediate cost of clean-up and the long-term effects of the spill incident. TecServ Environmental, Inc. (TecServ) personnel are trained to inquire about sufficient information to assist in formulating a pre-arrival response scenario. This pre-planning allows for better deployment of personnel, equipment and supplies to the response scene. Obviously, on-site client personnel do not always perceive the spill incident the same way that an experienced responder will, but some information in the beginning is much better than guessing.

Our emergency response team is staffed with trained, experienced professionals 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. We operate a full fleet of response equipment that enables us to respond to all types and levels of emergencies. Our fleet includes first response trucks, vacuum trucks, tanker trucks, towable boats, street sweepers, cranes, and excavation equipment, just to mention a few.

After the response, our waste management staff can assist you in determining the best and least cost effective means of disposing of any wastes. TecServ follows all federal and state regulatory guidelines for safe management and disposal of all waste streams.

There is no cost to anyone to set-up an Emergency Response agreement. We like to meet with everyone and review the potential hazards, both stationary and mobile, for each client so that we can be prepared. The agreement merely informs each client of the costs associated with any emergency action that we are called to address.

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