Compliance Services

Health & Safety Issues

TecServ’s team of Health and Safety (H & S) professionals provide business value along with operational solutions to meet client needs in a cost-effective manner. TecServ has a successful history of delivering H & S services resulting in annual savings to clients with a favorable return on investment (ROI).

H & S services encompass:

  • air quality assessment
  • noise assessment and abatement
  • work practices
  • machinery design with hazard assessment and control
  • lock-out/tag-out
  • personal protective equipment assessment
  • chemical assessment, labeling, inventory and notification
  • exposure monitoring
  • confined space entry assessment, training, procedure preparation,monitoring, and rescue

Our professionals have experience from several backgrounds including risk management, industrial management, and contractor supervision. This unique blend of experiences allows our professionals to see problems from more than one perspective that result in safe practices, time savings, and accident reduction.

Waste Management

Industry is very much aware that thorough and cost effective waste management is key to minimizing operational costs as well as protecting company and employee liability. Hazardous waste minimization has been practiced by many companies, as directed by RCRA, for the past 15 plus years. Waste management not only includes hazardous wastes, but includes all solid waste, waste minimization, beneficial reuse of wastes (whether yours or someone else’s), and recycling. TecServ Environmental, Inc. assists you in examining all aspects of your waste generation and partners with you in discovering new materials for production use; new methods of internal recycling to minimize waste; recognizing those materials that can be externally recycled; and examining ways in which waste can be reduced. TecServ’s goal is to help our clients become “waste wise” and to save money and streamline operations.

Storm Water Permitting & Sampling

Under current regulations, industrial operations that store materials and equipment outside of buildings that are exposed to any storm water must apply for a permit to continue the storage and must annually monitor its storm water runoff in order to prove that the storm water leaving its premises and potentially entering the streams, rivers and lakes of our great country does not carry pollutants to further degrade the quality of the water that is used by everyone for recreational purposes. There are exemptions to these regulations and there are means by which the regulations can be minimized. TecServ’s experience can guide you through this process and enable your company to achieve compliance through proper permitting, monitoring, and even construction of storm water retention areas to minimize permitting requirements.

Waste Water Management

Various industrial processes generate waste waters that cannot be disposed as clean or re-usable. They must first be screened, filtered, treated, separated, etc. before they can be discharged to a municipal sewer system or directly to our lakes and streams. TecServ can assist your company in identifying these waste streams and how best to dispose or treat them. Sometimes companies are discharging fluid streams without their knowledge because a facility is old, has been recently purchased, or acquired by another company. These discharges can sometimes occur for many years before an inspection by a governmental agency uncovers their existence. Furthermore, permitting with municipal governments or the USEPA is a vital component of these discharges in order to be compliant with current regulations.

Allow TecServ to assist you in performing a thorough audit of your waste water streams or in performing appropriate “due diligence” before acquisition of new properties or entities in order to prevent compliance liability.

Spill Prevention Control &  Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

All manufacturers utilize oils and greases to lubricate equipment and keep them operating in an effective and efficient manner. Proper storage & control of these petroleum products along with other petroleum substances, e.g. fuels, hydraulic oils, machine reservoirs, must be maintained in accordance with regulations governing them. If the aggregate volume of all these products that are stored in containers greater than or equal to fifty-five (55) gallons exceeds 1,320 gallons in total, that facility must prepare an SPCC Plan and conduct annual training in accordance with that plan. TecServ’s professional staff can prepare these plans with you and identify those areas that must be modified in order to comply with the SPCC regulations. The federal SPCC regulations are currently being modified for many industry and commerce segments. Updating of old plans may be required, as well as potentially mandating new plans that were not required prior to this timeframe. TecServ’s professional engineering staff has prepared plans for both small and large manufacturers and producers. Allow us to assist in keeping your operations compliant with these ever-changing regulations.


Training requirements are abundant across many environmental and safety regulations. The USEPA, Federal OSHA, and many state worker safety and environmental agencies require ongoing training on an annual or bi-annual basis. Many of these training needs are provided by individual companies for their own workers at minimal cost because the training material is distinct and pertinent to only their particular operation. However, many companies find the more specialized training is beyond their capacity to provide or maintain on a frequent basis. This is the arena that TecServ Environmental, Inc. serves to a broad based clientele. These training areas of expertise are as follows, but not limited to:

  1. OSHA HAZWOPER 24 and 40 Hour
  2. OSHA HAZWOPER 8 Hour Annual Refresher
  3. OSHA 10 Hour General Industry
  4. OSHA 30 Hour General Industry
  5. SPCC Annual Training
  6. USEPA Annual RCRA Training

Many of these training programs also require written plans to be in place prior to the initial training as well as periodic updates. Allow TecServ to assist you with your training needs as well as keeping you in compliance with the written plans and their updates.