Emissions Inventory Management

One of the most important aspects in permit application preparation is proper characterization of facility emissions. This phase of each permit project is obviously unique to each facility and client. TecServ combines its general knowledge of a particular type of industry with site-specific knowledge gained through site walk-throughs and client interviews to develop and/or utilize appropriate emission factors. Preparation of a specific facility’s emissions inventory will include various tasks, such as:

  • Appropriate identification and characterization of plant emission units and/or processes
  • Review of material usages and technical data to ensure criteria pollutants and waste streams are properly identified
  • Development of process knowledge, which assists in evaluation of facility operations and in determination of optimum compliance alternatives

By utilizing facility and process-specific information, TecServ can assist clients in identifying and developing emission factors representative of plant operations. In addition, TecServ’s vast regulatory and industrial experience will expedite development of emission inventories and characterizations, thereby facilitating operational flexibility and growth of the facility.